Xmas Message from the Chair

Hi all WKCC members (and friends)

It’s been a fabulous year at WKCC, with the highlight being the opening of the new extension to the Riverside Centre.  As the year comes to an end I’d like to make you aware of our plans to work with the Pershore Riverside Centre.

We have had a good debate and the conclusion has been that rather than pay a monetary rent for this wonderful facility (which would be £1,500 per annum or more), the Riverside Centre would prefer to receive pay-back from WKCC in kind.  So as this year WKCC will continue to provide coaching, and that coaching will be used as a credit against the rent.  Alex is confident he will have more than enough events to allow us to clock enough credit and is providing input to our programme to ensure we get some fun paddling in alongside the centre support.

We have decided that, as this arrangement is experimental, and as neither side wants to be out of pocket we will accrue the credits through the summer.  Then at the end of the WKCC accounting period will agree, between the WKCC committee and the Riverside Centre the rental position.  Depending on that we may have spare monies, and then that will be paid back proportionately to those coaches that have contributed.  Target for this to be 31st March 2017.  A bit more complicated than the 2015 Coach Credits, but think of it as a performance related bonus – if the Riverside Centre does well as a result of our support then they benefit, and so do those that helped.

The 2015 Coach Credit scheme is closed.  Any credit accrued can be claimed as previously explained, until end of March 2016.  If you want to know your credit statement please ask Roy.

To make the arrangement work we will be creating a new WKCC committee position which will be the Riverside co-ordinator.  This is a single WKCC point of contact to make sure the events are being lined up; the event co-ordinators are identified; that the coach allocation is clearly agreed; and that the credits are being accrued.  I’m keen to find that key person as a soon as possible – and certainly by Easter when we are back on the river.  Please let Alex, Clive or me know if you are interested.

The scheme and other aspects of the working arrangement are in a document that I will send to all WKCC members by e-mail shortly.  This is an open arrangement that all club members should understand so please read.  I am keen to have your feedback and feel free to ask any questions you have.

Before I sign-off, have a great Christmas break.  I hope to see you soon; on the river on 27th December; at the pool in January and at the Winter Social on 23rd January



Chair WKCC