An inspiring account of how we help others

Joining WKCC has been one of the best things I have ever done, however getting to that point was not easy for me. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I find it incredibly hard to meet new people and join in with these people if I don’t know them. I first started by going along to a couple of the sessions on a Thursday night at the pool. I came along with Clive, who is an existing member and someone I already knew which made it a bit easier. The first time I just came in and watched to see how the sessions work and who was going to be there. After watching this I decided that actually this is something I would like to join in with. However, when it came to actually joining in with the session the next week, I completely panicked and my anxiety got the better of me. It even resulted in me running away from the pool. After trying and having the same outcome the next week, I thought that was it and I would never be able to do something I enjoy because I was ready to admit my anxiety had won.
This was when my mum who had come along as well started talking to Sue, who is also an existing member of the club. She told my mum about how she was running some sessions on a Monday night for a smaller group and wondered if I was interested in going. It took a lot for me to get myself in but when I did I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice everyone was and how helpful they were. I was given some great coaching from Jonah and all round really enjoyed it. I did a few more of these sessions and some river sessions and eventually after being kindly invited along by Sue attended a session out on the river with the main club. And this turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done, meeting new people who were very kind and helpful to me and it was a session I thoroughly enjoyed. I have never looked back since then, I am glad I have managed to kick my anxiety and join something I really enjoy doing. I have made some great friends at WKCC and to anyone who feels in a similar position to how I felt, I would recommend you just do it, it took me a while but I am so happy I did. And no matter what has happened during the rest of the week, I always look forward to a Thursday evening and doing stuff with the club.