Leaders Development Paddle

Every so often we need to take our volunteer river leaders out for a paddle to work on their personal skills so they can deliver more to our club.
Today was one of those days. The theme moving water, open boat paddle.
Seven of us headed off to south Wales to hunt for a grade 2/3 river with a group of leaders and a few hand picked guinea pigs :-)

With our usual Usk run being off limits currently we hunted around and found something similar.
Levels were good with all the recent rain helped by the heavy rain and hail showers we experienced throughout the day. It was definitely a day for thermals and onesies.
As you would expect when exploring a new river there are always plenty on incidents, so here is the swim count for the day:
Somehow Clive, Dave and Graham managed 0 swims but we all had a few wobbles. Paul and Matt managed 1 each in locations where a swim would not be expected. Then the competition got a bit seriour with Tim and Iain trying to outdo each other and managing 3 each. There were some good self rescues and plenty of practice for the whole group.