May 1st Night Paddle

The night are getting longer but not getting any warmer so it was going to be a chilly paddle. We left PRSC about 8.40pm and headed off to Eckington Bridge. It was still a little light when we left and made out was through Pershore Lock and down to Pershore Bridges. As we rounded the bend by Pensham we gathered and checked everyone was still with us, glow sticks working and people were ‘buddies up’.

Paul & Tim were leading and Matt S, Dave & Sharon were bringing up the read of the group. There were 18 of us in total. 1 sea Kayak, 7 solo canoeists and 10 tandem canoe paddlers.As with a lot of these trips it is the logistics that provide the challenges. Making sure there are enough cars at the end to bring all the people and all the boats back.

As we rounded the bend by Kingfisher Marina it was starting to go dark and the sight of all the people and boats with glow stick floating down the river was really great and a little erie at the same time.

We round the next 2 bends and regroups so that we could have a snack and drink and it was here we had a small issue to deal with. Nothing too serious but suffice to say Pauls glow stick broke and he got some of the fluid in his eyes. So out cam the first aid kits, sterile water, washed his eyes out a couple of time and all was good. By this point we had drifted down stream. So after paddling for a while we were approaching Comberton Marina where we grouped up and got everyone to stop talking, which was a challenge, and we could enjoy the silence, it was really nice until 2 ducks, that were had unknowingly cornered decide to take of and startle those on that side of the gourd, if was funny.

As we past Comberton marina, the large house up on the left, someone came out with a very bright torch, they could clearly see all the glow stock. It must have been a sight.

We then rounded the last bend before Nafford lock, which seemed to be very dark, and entered the lock. As we left the sky cleared for a while and a lot of stars were visible, and you could feel the temperature drop.

We continued down round Swans Neck and to Eckington Bridge which was the end of the trip, by now it was almost midnight. We all got off the water, secured to boats on roofs and headed back to PRSC to unload.

It was a really nice trip, great to be back on the water with a group of paddlers. I will look to arrange another paddle June or July.

Tandem Paddlers

  • Caroline A-R & Joanna Worrall
  • Chris Underhill & Eloise Underhill
  • Elise Shortman & Simon Cosson
  • Liz Witherford & Dan Underhill
  • Dave Barthorpe & Sharon Barthorpe

Solo Paddlers

  • Nick Davis
  • Kevin Badham
  • Matthew Soley
  • Paul Craven
  • Sue Tadman
  • Tim Barnes
  • Clive Pearson

Sea Kayak

  • Ed Cosson