If you want to know what a UKCC L1 assessment is like – read on

Level 1 Assessment Weekend
So the weekend of our (meaning club members Matt S, Nick G, Pauline and myself (Simon C.  plus our new coaching buddies from other clubs in the area) had arrived. Now it’s time to see if the training from the first weekend and the practice in-between has paid off. Continue reading “If you want to know what a UKCC L1 assessment is like – read on”

Recommended Book List

A few book recommendations for paddlers and good suggestions for your Christmas list.  Please let me know if you have any other favourites you would like to add to the list.

Recommended Book List

Here’s an additional link to  Pesda press who publish many of the books Adam shows above plus it shows many sea kayaking books recommended by Paul H and a book on how to paddle a Sit on Top for Gary to read. Please note that from experience it’s worth searching places like Amazon and Play.com to get good prices on these books.
Pesda Press

Paddle Power Awards

Paddle Power

We are thinking of trying out the new Paddle Power awards with some of our younger members. The awards are aimed at under 14’s as a fun way to build up a sound knowledge of water sports. Most of younger members would already qualify for the first award (Paddle Power Start) so we would probably work towards the second award of Paddle Power Passport. This would take approximately eight one hour sessions which we can run over the summer. Those taking part complete a progress card and when this is full receive a certificate and badge. If you are interested in taking part, know somebody who is or would like to help with the coaching please get in touch with Adam or Paul Haggett.

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