Suggest a River Trip

We are looking for suggestions for future river trips. If there is a particular river you would like to paddle, that you may have paddled before, or a river you have never paddled then we want to know about it. It can be a River, Lake, Coastal, Sea, Canal, suitable for either Sea Kayaks, Canoe, Touring, Playboating, Whitewater or camping. We want to hear about anything you would like to paddle.

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A challenging time Sea Kayaking in Weymouth 10-12 Sep 2010

Graham, Luke and I arrived roughly about the same time on the Friday night meeting up at Pebble Bank Caravan Park. After a bit of bartering a deal was made on campsite fees. The campsite had amazing views over the harbour to Portland and over the Fleet giving a good idea as to what to expect from the sea conditions. That night things were not looking to good with strong winds blowing. Continue reading “A challenging time Sea Kayaking in Weymouth 10-12 Sep 2010”