Pershore RiverSide Festival 18th July 2015

Pershore RiverSide Festival 18th July 2015.
On a warm sunny Saturday morning we all met at the Centre.
We set up our area near to the river for Pershore’s first river festival getting the canoes out onto the river ,kayaks out and blowing up the 8 SUP’s.One of which was a 10 man board .The first half an hour of the morning was very slow then it just went mad! We just didn’t stop kitting people up who wanted to have a go at canoeing ,kayaking and sup from 10.30 until 16.00 .
At the start of the day, Ethan and I started on the ergo ,but by dinner we had to stop this and help with cover on the water as it was a very busy day. It was a challenge at time coping with the volume of interest verses the coaches available. All had a great time and it really helped raise the profile of the club and water sporting activities in general.
I would like to thank everyone who helped on the day which consisted of Dave and Jan on the BBQ (excellent burgers!) ,Liz ,Ellie and Rita taking the bookings and kitting people out. Fitz and my dad ( Ed) and Matt getting people on or off the water . On the water as cover and coaches were Adam ,Graham ,Mel ,Emma ,Jenny ,Ethan myself (Oliver) ,Paul (f ) and Sue.
At the end off the day we had time to play on the sup boards ourselves which was fun. A great fun action packed time was had by all.
written by: Oliver Moore.

Newbies point of view on the come and try it sessions

When we went to our first session we knew we would love it.

They provide you with kayaks, paddles, spray decks and helmets and they also help you to alter your foot pedals so the boats fit you properly. Even if you have your own kit you can still borrow things from them.

Often there are ‘try it now’ sessions where you just try it out and see if you like paddling at the club.

If you’re new then they try to help you out as much as possible. You feel welcome at the club; if you’re new or you’ve been there a while.

All the members are really nice and try to help you as much as possible and sometimes let you try out their boats so you have a rough idea abut what you would like to paddle in.

The actual lessons are great, because you sometimes go down to the weir or if not you learn how to do strokes properly. You feel very comfortable whilst on the water, because of being with them and you feel safe.

The boats they let you go in are very easy to steer and good for beginners. You look forward to using your kit and boat just because it makes you feel good in something that is yours. You always want to go to the next session. They are so fun.

I would recommend this club because they are really good with new people.

Theo Gorton, 9



I started because it was fun, different and really enjoyable. We’d tried a few clubs before we found WKCC but it is definitely the best. The idea of being on the water on a beautiful sunny day excites me, especially as the other members are really supportive and helpful.

At the first ‘Try It Now’ session we did, I was worried at first. When we got on the water, I felt unstable and helpless but I soon got the hang of it . The games we played helped improve our skills and reflexes.

The other members are supportive, patient and I always feel like if someone fell in, they’d be at the ready in seconds to help you. If you have any questions about kit, technique or if you just need help, they will always have a helpful tip or advice.
The 3 weeks of lessons we had really helped because the kids and adults were separate and it didn’t feel really serious. All of the children together really affected the learning vibes and it wasn’t like we were there just to learn, as the instructors introduced games to improve our speed and control.
The boats and kit that can be borrowed gives the less experienced members an idea of what kit is good and what boats would be best from them. You can always find a boat or helmet that someone is selling and everyone lets you know if there’s something you would like.
I can’t wait to get a boat and my own kit because it means we can go to the other paddles and go on white water rivers and long trips with all the family.
Maia, 12

Late evening paddle

Last minute paddle. Saturday 20 June from Fladbury to PRSC, meet Fladbury Jubilee Car Park 8pm latest ready to paddle. Depending on how things go we may stop at pub. If you need boat please make arrangements to collect in good time. Let me know if you are coming. Clive P