Their first trip

So we met at 10am in Pershore, got our kit sorted and headed to Wyre Piddle. It was the river trip for those people that had done the Monday course.

We had a small briefing and set off. The weather was really nice, so water and sun cream were the order of the day, and we paddle towards the Wyre Weir. After giving some instruction and telling everyone it was shallow, which it was, I paddled to the weir, got out of my boat and stood on the weir. There were a few who were a bit nervous but they soon realised how much fun it was when they saw the other shoot the weir.

So after they had all done it and I offered them another go everyone said yes, but they became more concerned about the seal launch to get back on, but again they all enjoyed it once they did it.

So we shot the weir and head back to Pershore. On the way they were all saying how much they had enjoyed the course and how the trip was really good, ‘What other trips are their like this’ someone asked me. I explained there are lots of great trips on the Avon and other local rivers.

We got back to PRSYC, sorted out the cars and kit and did a de brief. There were some good questions and I hope that we will see most of them again soon.

After the debrief, PUB, of course.

Suggest a River Trip

We are looking for suggestions for future river trips. If there is a particular river you would like to paddle, that you may have paddled before, or a river you have never paddled then we want to know about it. It can be a River, Lake, Coastal, Sea, Canal, suitable for either Sea Kayaks, Canoe, Touring, Playboating, Whitewater or camping. We want to hear about anything you would like to paddle.

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